Align with your brand’s soul purpose

I am an intuitive brand strategist and coach, helping mission-driven business owners connect to their core WHY – their authentic soul purpose – and build powerful brands that reflect their values from the inside, out

People can feel the power of authenticity.

We intuitively want to engage with brands that come from a place of purpose and truth. And when that purpose is approached strategically – well, that’s where the magic happens. Whether you are launching a new brand baby from scratch or you’re an established global brand manager looking to grow – intuitive, insightful brand strategy is the key to ensuring your brand can make meaning in today’s world and flourish.

Now is the time to build brands that make meaning

identify the foundations of where your brand begins

Knowing who you are, what you do, and who you do it for

I work with clients to bring clarity to their foundations through Intuitive Brand Coaching – a bespoke, personalized technique designed to connect you with your core purpose and build an impactful brand from that place

create the stories that bring it all to life

Bringing your brand to life 

I help clients push their brands in new, innovative directions and build the stories that bring it all to life. We’ll craft your core brand persona (voice,  aesthetic, ethos) through a variety of techniques, including competitive analysis, positioning refreshment, creating disruptive communication strategies, creating meaningful innovation, and more

resonate with the people you serve

Understand your audiences’ core emotional needs

I am a seasoned qualitative researcher, guiding brands and organizations through qualitative research studies from soup to nuts. Methodologies include: Focus groups, Ethnographies, Expert interviews, Influencer Panels, Online Panels, Intercepts

identify your reason to be
Why are you here? I work with visionary creators and leaders who want to make big changes in the world. Together, we will use  a “whole person” approach to identify your core mission and values  and design your personal practices,  lifestyle, and leadership style from that place.

15 min WHY chat

Let’s talk about how I can support you to define your purpose, refine your strategy,  and execute on your ideas with this complementary call.

An introductory chat to get to know one another and explore opportunities to collaborate. Let’s talk about how I can support you in defining your purpose, refining your strategy and executing on your ideas.

3 month package

Let’s bring your vision and purpose to life. We will uncover your story, build a brand strategy, and address the needs of your target audience.

We meet for one-hour video calls or in-person meetings every other week, over the course of three months.

6 month package

Let’s work together to create a custom masterplan for your business while helping you develop your own personal work/life balance strategies.

This package includes consistent continual support, expertise and guidance. We meet for (1) 90-minute call or in-person meeting, every week.

previous clients

Hi there, I am Sybil Ottenstein

I believe in the value non-linear career paths. As you’ll see, my own story has plenty of vibrant twists and turns….

Lived in Israel for almost a decade (!!!), serving as the Israeli Director of Culture at The Culture Trip

Received my MA in Strategy and Political Psychology from the Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Worked as an brand consultant for the past 6 years, turning human-centric insights into clear strategic direction for some of the world’s biggest companies and organizations

In parallel to my work in brand strategy, I am an avid yogi, a Holistic Health Coach, Reiki I facilitator and pretty obsessed with the healing power of plants

Today, the role of brands in our society is more important than ever before. Our brands are the living, breathing projections of our deepest truths and desires. They have to uplift and inspire. They need to be vulnerable, to be real. They need to have a soul.

Now we all know Simon Sinek’s famous “Start With Why” talk in which Simon says, “Everyone has a WHY. Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.”

…but I want to take this is a step further. I want to dive deep into your core, your place of deep inner wisdom and authenticity. I want you to tap into your higher truth and align with your brand’s soul purpose.

Think of me as a brand whisperer –  aiding brands and organizations to step into the power of their core WHY. Together, we will find what I like to call the “secret sauce” – your brand’s unique and powerful recipe for success. I specialize in seeing the unseen. Sometimes you need an external eye, with rich experience in brand strategy across category and continent, to help you catalyze your secret sauce into something truly amazing.
“Working with Sybil has been the most eye-opening and clarifying work I have done with a coach. She is so simply and powerfully able to help me connect to my deepest “why” and then pull it up to a more widely accessible and approachable level.”
Heather Manwaring Transfire Photography
“Sybil is awesome. She brings passion, strategic focus & cultural inspiration to each & every brief. She will always bring fresh ideas to the table, but does so in a very relevant way, always connecting the dots between culture, innovation & client briefs.”
Roxanna Mosavar-Rahmani Fahrenheit 212


Exploring the future of multi-cultural womanhood


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